Clients agree! PhysEd is the best fitness studio in Salem.

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About Me

Welcome! I’m Ed Weamer, the owner of PhysEd and the creator of WODDice®. I’ve been working in the fitness field for over 15 years and operating PhysEd for the last 11. I’m certified with A.C.E (American Council on Exercise) and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), and additionally certified in Nutrition and in CrossFit. I have a background in education and taught at the collegiate level for several years before deciding to pursue a career teaching clients how to change their lifestyle and pursue their fitness.

Before opening PhysEd, I trained at various clubs and studios, and I developed and managed gyms and studios for others. Eventually, I got fed up with having to watch people walk away because they couldn’t afford personal training. These were good people who really wanted and needed help in getting back control of their health and physical capacity. I knew that I could offer the very best training at a much lower cost if I could limit overhead and rely on word of mouth for advertising—and so that is what I did. I work with clients of all capacities and ages, towards all types of goals, with the primary goal of increasing my client’s capacity to do work. That’s how I define fitness, our capacity to do work, to perform daily tasks. On our way to your goals you will learn to do the ordinary extraordinarily well.

About PhysEd

PhysEd is a premiere, professional personal training studio located in South Salem. The studio is attached to my home and is one of the best equipped studios in the NW. 400 square feet, with the ability to achieve any fitness goal you have, and some you don’t yet know you have. My greatest experiences have been seeing clients exceed the goals they set for themselves and achieve a fitness level and capacity they didn’t think possible. If you are thinking about personal training, you owe it to yourself to come take a look. You’ll be blown away, I guarantee.

Rates and Services


Individual Sessions $40/session

Working with a trainer one on one is the surest way to achieve your fitness goals. Clients appreciate the focus and attention they get as opposed to general gym floor training. You’ll get much farther faster with private individual sessions.

Partner Sessions $30/session/per client

Know a friend or family member that wants to get in shape with you? Then train as partners! Research has shown that having a training partner improves session attendance—you’ll show up—and adherence to any dietary changes you might be trying to make.

Small Group Training $135 or $100/month/per client [see below]

Training in a group is not only a lot of fun, it has been shown to help generate success by increasing your intensity during a workout and improve exercise adherence by creating a sense of personal responsibility to keep showing up for the others in the group. It’s peer pressure—but in a positive way!

The primary difference between Small Group and Individual (or Partner) Sessions is that for Small Group training there are no make-up sessions. If you cannot attend the scheduled Small Group Session, you simply miss that session and pick back up with the next session. For Individual Sessions those sessions stay on the books until you use them up, so if you cannot make a scheduled training session you do not lose that session (*excepting for No Shows).

Small Groups have the choice of 3 or 4 members. Monthly Pricing adjusts depending on the size of the group (see below). All Small Groups meet 3 times a week and will either meet MWF, or TThSat. Times will be dependent on group consensus and Studio/Trainer availability.

Small Group Pricing

3 Member Group: $135/month/client
4 Member Group: $100/month/client


“I have never attained better results than I have working out with Ed. The amount of dedication Ed puts into his clients is amazing, he never stops learning and trying out new things and figuring out what will work best for you, the client. His approach is all-inclusive and he really does give you all of the tools you need to be successful in your fitness goals. The only thing you need to do is show up and prepare to work.” — Ryan N.

“You know, I was feeling pretty low after workout yesterday. I was angry with my body for giving out on me toward the end. I wanted to be able to whip through that timed warmup as well as I had at the beginning of the hour. I hated feeling weak and shaky and, yes, literally pukey, when I still had work to do. And then . . . I ran up the jumbo-sized flights of stairs to the fourth floor at my workplace this morning and was barely winded. Just a few short months ago, taking those same stairs at a normal walking pace just about killed me. So even though I felt like a wimp yesterday, I was reminded this morning of how far I’ve come. And I just wanted to write and say thank you for your help and encouragement!” — C. Smith

“Working with PhysEd has dramatically improved my fitness level! My strength, endurance, energy, and motivation continue to increase while learning valuable skills and techniques to improve my performance.” — Dan B.

“Ed Weamer, my Crossfit certified trainer is the best.  He listens and understands my limitations while he helps me regain my strength and flexibility from past injuries.  He is patient but pushes when necessary to help me achieve my goals.  Training with Ed is so much fun, I finish feeling exhausted and exhilarated.  Crossfit + Ed is the best thing I’ve done for myself!” — Linda N.

Contact Us

Contact Information

Edwin Weamer, owner
5764 Sugar Plum Ave SE
Salem, OR 97306
(503) 551-1340